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Situation:  The CU finished the third quarter with net income of $139k.  The majority of the gross income which led to this net income was from loans.  Income from loans has increased significantly over the past year.  The income from different types of loans is different.  There is a difference between secured and unsecured loans and the interest rates you will receive from these products.  Of course there are many different ways to borrow money if you are thinking I need to borrow money right now.  This compares favorably to this point last year when NI was $99k.  Areas of improved profitability include: employee compensation and benefits (down $2.4k), stabilization expenses (down $54k), total other operating expenses (down $8.4k), PLLL expense (down $24.8k), and the COF (down $15.5k).  Areas of decreased profitability include: loan income (down $12k) and investment income (down $52.5k).  The net worth ratio increased 57 basis points during the third quarter.  The following website tells about the differences between secured and unsecured loans:  The CU maintains a relatively high yield on loans (7.18%) and investments (1.77%), but brings in next to no fee income.  Delinquency is nominal at 1.19%, and charge-offs are minimal at 0.09%.  There is only $15k in delinquent loans, yet the ALLL is funded for nearly $39k.  The following website tells about the different ways to borrow money: Loan volume is exceptionally low, as reflected in the loan/share ratio of only 8%.  This negatively impacts their NIM, which is only 1.68%.  They tend to lengthen their investment maturities, as NLTA are 28% of assets.  Liquidity may be somewhat tight at 11%. 

Resolution:  Two negative risk parameters were flagged: unfavorable asset type (CC delinquency is 7.82%) and NIM < 2.75% (1.68%).  The following websites tells about how I need to borrow money:  CCs are a small percentage of their portfolio (7%).  The NIM is low for the reasons mentioned in the previous section. 

Borrow Money Online - Safe and Easy


Spil Games

The History

Fueled by their passion for the online world and belief that the Internet would revolutionize the way people were gaming, entrepreneurs Peter Driessen and Bennie Eeftink acquired their first game site,, in 2004. What differentiated them from other gaming companies was their vision of instant-play free online games on a global network of targeted social-gaming platforms. Over the next few years, they expanded their portfolio of offerings, building gaming platforms for three target demographics in 15 languages, and opening new offices in China, Germany, and the UK.

Spil Games Today

At its core, Spil Games is a games publisher, scouting the best content from the world of online game developers to entertain the 180 million visitors to its sites each month. But not all players are alike, and Spil recognizes that by selecting content tailored to the different interests of its three channels of gamers: Girls, Teens, and Family. Spil Games invests a lot of energy in staying up on these diverse audiences’ interests, keeping its finger on the pulse of consumer desire by developing content itself, too, through its three in-house game studios.   And what is it that consumers desire? Connection. Online gaming is no longer a solitary activity, which is why Spil has outfitted its gaming platforms with all the social features our players need to challenge themselves and each other, share their creativity, and connect with their fellow players. Beyond our dedicated gaming destinations, you’ll find Spil Games wherever people are connecting and playing: our presence on social networks and mobile phones is all part of our mission to unite players from around the world in a free and open world of fun.

Why (video) games are good for you

Did you know that 90 percent of kids play computer games? That said, you’d be mistaken in thinking that games are mainly played by children. The average age of a gamer is actually 33 years old. At Spil Games we’re passionate about games — especially online games. Did you know several studies have shown that playing games is good for you? Well, here are some benefits for regular gamers.   Games increase creativity   Boys and girls who play video games tend to be more creative. A Michigan State University study of 491 12-year-olds found that those kids who were playing video games showed more creativity in activities such as drawing pictures or writing stories. The research could not find a relation between creativity and the use of cell phones, the Internet or computers (other than for games).

More detailed sight

Professor Daphne Bavelier has researched into whether playing video games has a negative effect on eyesight. Lots of people say that playing video games for many hours will harm your sight. According to the research of Bavelier, the sight of gamers was even better than non-gamers. The gamers showed better capacities of seeing small details.

Improved concentration and attention

The research of Bavelier also indicated that regular gamers show better levels of concentration and are able to solve problems faster. It seems that playing games improves our capability to remain focused on the most important tasks. Gamers are also less easily distracted by factors in their environments.

Girl gamers are happier

In 2011 researchers from Brigham Young University looked at the impact of games on children’s happiness. They found out that girls who play games with a parent benefit in several ways. They seemed to behave better, felt more connected to their families and had stronger mental health. While girls proved to become happier, boys showed no change in happiness when co-playing a game with a parent.

Best Games For Children & Adults

Some of the best video games out there involve graphics that are as good as cable or satellite signals and, in fact, sometimes better.  However, they are not better than regular antenna TV ever since the United States switched over to digital broadcasts.  Video games systems don’t even require cords anymore to the controllers, instead they are wireless, it’s as if somebody cut the cord on the controllers!  You can get 1080i or 720p high-def signal from something as simple as an attic antenna.  In other words, there are many alternatives to cable.  All you have to do is install an attic antenna or some other antenna like a roof antenna or even an indoor antenna, and connect the antenna up to your HDTV via a coax cable.  If you are unsure which specific antenna type to purchase, you should strongly consider a medium directional antenna.  What is a medium directional antenna?  It is an antenna that works best when radio/TV signals come from one general city or area instead of from multiple areas.  If you have many areas around you where signals are originatng from, you are best with a multi-directional or omni-directional antenna.  This type will give you the best reception from the various locations.  Digital over-the-air broadcasts even include program information like start time, stop time, and program name.  This is a huge improvement over old-fashioned analog signals which most people pulled in with the their rabbit ear antenna.  Start saving money and cancel your cable or cancel your satellite today!  For more information about alternatives to cable, click here:  For more information about attic antennas, click here:  For more information about cutting the cord, click here:  For more information about specific antenna types, visit